The Congress of Ezidis represents the interests of the Ezidi nation worldwide. It is independent of political parties, respects the general freedoms, international human rights declaration and international conventions. It is against racism, war, violence and is committed to the maintenance of the Ezidi people, Ezidi culture, Ezidi mother tongue, education, women’s rights and youth empowerment. The holding organization is committed to the defense and recognition of the right of the Ezidi nation to exist throughout the world by peaceful means, as well as the recognition of the Ezidis as an ethnic group and a nation. Through public relations work we want to prevent the instrumentalization of the Ezidi nation for powerpolitical purposes. The genocide of the Ezidi nation shall be recognized and condemned under international law. Factually false information about the Ezidi nation shall be corrected and counteracted. A goal is the amalgamation of individuals and Ezidi associations as a holding organization under the auspices of the congress of the Ezidis world-wide . Furthermore the cooperation with non-Ezidi associations is intended, provided that they accept and respect the international human right declarations and conventions. The official language is Ezdiki and the respective national language. It is not a religious association, but a political, social and economic association.


The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of the Ezidi nation, to maintain and defend them by peaceful means. This purpose is realized in particular by: ➔ (1) The promotion of science and research, of art and culture, of education, popular education and vocational training, including the support of students, the promotion of rescue from danger, aid for politically or religiously persecuted persons, for refugees, displaced persons, war victims, war orphans, and aid for victims of criminal acts. ➔ (2) The promotion of international sentiments, tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding. ➔ (3) The promotion of equal rights for women and men and the protection of marriage and family. ➔ (4) The promotion of crime prevention. ➔ (5) The promotion of homeland studies


Membership is open to all natural and legal persons of at least 18 years of age, regardless of their origin. The executive committee decides on a written application for membership with a simple majority in a meeting at its own discretion. If the application for admission is rejected, the executive committee is not obliged to inform the applicant of the reasons. Each member is supported and defended by the Congress and its members. Members are eligible for all positions after one year of membership. Each member is obliged to comply with all decisions and to support and defend the association in all matters. The executive committee works honorary and decides with simple majority. It has in particular the following tasks: ➔ Preparation of the general meeting as well as preparation of the agenda ➔ Calling of the general meeting ➔ Execution of decisions of the general meeting ➔ Decision-making on application for membership, exclusion of members