Statement Regarding Kurdish Dictatorship and Foreign Domination over the Yezidi Nation

This statement is based on results that are supported with absolute majority within the Yezidi
First of all, it should be mentioned that the Congress of Yezidis worldwide has launched a
survey within the Yezidi nation including its members and with over 40 cooperative
associations and organizations regarding ethnicity and mother tongue. The concerned
people identify themselves as Yezidis regarding their ethnicity and consider their mother
tongue as Yezidi.
It is fundamental to mention that the Yezidi nation will make use of existing democratic
means to make use of the existing humanitarian rights that are denied to them regarding
ethnicity and mother tongue.
It is clear at this point that the Yezidis, who define themselves ethnically as a distinct group,
are experiencing worldwide assimilation and state ignorance.
The extent to which Kurdish tyranny and its string-pullers oppress and tyrannize the Yezidi
nation becomes repeatedly clear.
This happens mainly in the Kurdish autonomous region within Iraq and beyond its national
Hazim Beg and Ali Elias were not elected by the Yezidi nation as their representatives (Mir
and Baba Shaykh), but were appointed on behalf of the autonomous Kurdish regional
government, which the Yezidis inside and outside Iraq do not accept and respect.
It is expressed to point out that the Congress of Yezidis worldwide through 40 cooperative
associations and organizations neither tolerates nor accepts the Kurdish political
instrumentalization of Yezidis.
Due to the Kurdish history along the practice of Yezidi genocides, we call on you to politically
recognize the genocide of 03. 08. 2012 in Shingal-Iraq.
At the same time, we call on you to protect and politically recognize the Yezidi nation with its
own Yezidi mother tongue from an existential threat.
We expressly point out that neither natural nor legal persons who do not identify with the
Yezidi Nation have any right and authority to represent the Yezidi Nation.

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